WOW Products Company Overview

In 1975, our parent company, TOMSUPPLY Company saw vast voids in the radio-controlled hobby industry markets, and sought to bring unique, cottage-industry product lines to a then emerging industry.

After over 900 product lines had been amalgamated into the first general hobby catalog, the industry took shape, and what was once a rag-tag band of garage purveyors, selling parts mostly by luck, became what is now the backbone of the hobby industry. TOMSUPPLY sold out to a large conglomerate in 1979, and, for the most part, the founder, Tom Lawson spent his time collecting vintage cars.

As his venture became more successful, Tom found time to return to his first love - Hot Rods. He acquired everything from muscle cars to hot rods to dragsters to street rods, and again the market voids became apparent, and Wow Products was born. Some of the best design engineers and fabricators in the automotive industry were commissioned to identify and develop products that meet the needs of both the hobbyist street rodder as well as the professional hot rod shop.